DVD Training Video Level 2a – Supine


The pioneer of Thai Massage in Toronto, Deanna Villa, began her practice in 1998. As the founder of Thai Massage Toronto (TMT) school and massage centre, she is an active teacher, mentor and Master Practitioner. Deanna has studied with three primary teachers and her main lineage is from the Old Medicine Hospital in Chang Mai, Thailand.

As an accomplished teacher, Deanna has authored ten Thai Massage Manuals from beginner to advanced, recorded six instructional DVDs and an audio mediation CD to accompany the Thai Massage Toronto Certification Training. Deanna’s extensive experience and expertise has led to media coverage, including interviews with City TV and Rogers TV, as well as national newspapers and magazines.

Deanna’s masterful approach to teaching transformational Thai Massage techniques instills confidence and compassion in her students. Providing precise teaching and meticulous instruction, Deanna does not hold back and openly shares information with her students. Through the teaching of the physical application of metta (loving kindness), students leave Deanna’s classes ready to transform themselves and others.



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