108 Hr Certification from $999

Train with the Masters to develop and upgrade your skills.


108 Hr Certification in 3 steps:


Attend Group Classes – 5 days:

*Private, accelerated  training available on request (times/dates/price will vary)


Level 1  $550
(Day 1,2,3) Supine, side & prone positions


Level 2a  $275
  (Day 4,5)  Sitting & supine positions



 Home Practice:

Level 1

30 hrs massage home practice
10 hrs mindful home practice

Level 2a

20 hrs massage home practice
6 hrs mindful home practice

Manual & Fee 30 day link to our video library
for easy, stress-free home practice.


L1 Evaluation 2hrs:

This 2 hr one on one time with Instructor is an important part of your training.
You will demonstrate and apply your message routine skills to the evaluator.
The evaluator then provides adjustments & suggestions on touch techniques, stance,
movement, alignment, stability, flow and safety techniques, and how to apply them.


Certificate 108hrs $999

Level 1  $550 (24hrs)
Level 2a  $275 (13 hrs)
Level 1Evaluation & Cert fee $174 (2hrs)

Home massage & mindful practice  (69hrs)



After attending classes students who would like to receive a 108hrs Certificate will:

home practice (outside of class times/location) massage
and meditation techniques (mindful breath exercises) taught in class and
log them on log sheets that are provided in your manuals.



Speak with the Teacher: Deanna Villa
416.833.6506 (call/text).

Private & expedited training available
 please call for pricing and dates




This Certificate is a requirement to apply for malpractice insurance in Canada.


* Please note that a City of Toronto License is required in order to practice Thai massage in Toronto.
We will guide you through the application process.



Classes & Evaluation available in Mississauga Studio and NOW Online Live classes on ZOOM.
CEU’s & CEC’s
Attestation letters available for L2b, L3, L4a, L4b, L6a, L6b class and evaluation hrs.

“After studying Thai Massage in Thailand, I was looking for advanced courses and found TMT online. I was eager to take courses with Deanna. She is very humble and compassionate, and has great energy. I enjoy being around her and Juan. He is a very good listener and has given me good advice for my practice. They are very supportive and demonstrate metta (loving kindness) to all of their students. I’m very grateful and happy for the opportunity to be part of TMT. I don’t know anyone who could have taught me as well as Deanna and Juan have.”

Nutjaree, Senior Thai Practicioner

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