108 Hr Certification $999

Train with the Masters to develop and upgrade your skills.


108 Hr Certification in 3 steps:


Attend Group Classes – 5 days:

*Private, accelerated  training available on request (times/dates/price will vary)


Level 1  $550
(Day 1,2,3) Supine, side & prone positions


Level 2a  $275
  (Day 4,5)  Sitting & supine positions



 Home Practice:

Level 1

30 hrs massage home practice
10 hrs mindful home practice

Level 2a

20 hrs massage home practice
6 hrs mindful home practice

Manual & Fee 30 day link to our video library
for easy, stress-free home practice.


L1 Evaluation 2hrs:

This 2 hr one on one time with Instructor is an important part of your training.
You will demonstrate and apply your message routine skills to the evaluator.
The evaluator then provides adjustments & suggestions on touch techniques, stance,
movement, alignment, stability, flow and safety techniques, and how to apply them.


Certificate 108hrs $999

Level 1  $550 (24hrs)
Level 2a  $275 (13 hrs)
Level 1Evaluation & Cert fee $174 (2hrs)

Home massage & mindful practice  (69hrs)



After attending classes students who would like to receive a 108hrs Certificate will:

home practice (outside of class times/location) massage
and meditation techniques (mindful breath exercises) taught in class and
log them on log sheets that are provided in your manuals.



Speak with the Teacher: Deanna Villa
416.833.6506 (call/text).

Private & expedited training available
 please call for pricing and dates




This Certificate is a requirement to apply for malpractice insurance in Canada.


* Please note that a City of Toronto License is required in order to practice Thai massage in Toronto.
We will guide you through the application process.



Classes & Evaluation available in Mississauga Studio and NOW Online Live classes on ZOOM.
CEU’s & CEC’s
Attestation letters available for L2b, L3, L4a, L4b, L6a, L6b class and evaluation hrs.