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Study with the Expert:  Deanna Villa  DNM LHP

108 Hr Certification $999
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Expand your practice

Yoga, pilates, and personal training professionals

Massage & wellness therapists & practitioners

have successfully expanded their practice by incorporating our specific

Thai Massage and Fascial Stretch techniques

into their classes and treatments to create an expansive, dynamic practice.

Implement TMT’s postural stability to enhance your body mechanics

for years of longevity, vitality, and mindfulness.

Increase your earning potential.

Apply TMT’s solid foundation for your success.

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Learn from the leader

Deanna Villa

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Why study Thai Massage?


Study Thai Massage with the Expert, the Pioneer 

Massage School

Established since 2002.  Recognized as an Accredited Thai Massage School in North America. Study with Master Teacher Deanna Villa. Certifications & CEU’s.


Professional grade mats & props for Thai Massage & Shiatsu. DVD’s & CD’s feature Deanna Villa Master Teacher.

Why Thai Massage?