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Deanna Villa LHP, DNM Doctorate of Natural Medicine®
Master Practitioner Trainer - Expert, Specialist
Licensed Holistic Practitioner
Reflexology Certified
Pilates & Yoga Certified

$150/hr  Mississauga Studio

OFF SITE: House / Office available (+ travel fee)

Deanna is a Master Practitioner Trainer, an Expert, Specialist in her field practicing since 1998.
20 000 hands-on hours in private hands on practice & 35 000 hours Teaching, Training and mentoring via her accredited school.
Masterful intuitive sensing and dynamic vast skill set.

Deanna Trained extensively in Thailand, the United States and in Canada with Master Teachers with diverse styles and methodologies and built her unique style from decades of hands-on practice.

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Ajna Advanced Practitioner

Toronto – Ajna’s new location:


Ajna began working at the clinic at Thai Massage Toronto in 2009.  She received all her Thai Massage training and certifications with Deanna Villa through a lineage that originates with Master Picket Boonthume.

Choosing to identify the source of pain and tension over symptomatic relief has set her on a trajectory of self-determined continuing education. She is currently studying Immaculate Dissection®, NeuroKinetic Therapy®, Advanced Anatomy, Integrated Muscle Testing and Palpation®, The Science of Awakening® and hosts workshops on personal transformation and meditation. Previously Ajna studied ballet and contemporary dance for 15 years, and spent the following 10 years choreographing and performing professionally in Toronto and abroad.










“After studying Thai Massage in Thailand, I was looking for advanced courses and found TMT online. I was eager to take courses with Deanna. She is very humble and compassionate, and has great energy. I enjoy being around her and Juan. He is a very good listener and has given me good advice for my practice. They are very supportive and demonstrate metta (loving kindness) to all of their students. I’m very grateful and happy for the opportunity to be part of TMT. I don’t know anyone who could have taught me as well as Deanna and Juan have.”

Nutjaree, Senior Thai Practicioner

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