Portable Thai Massage Mat in a Bag


NEW Portable Thai Massage Mat in a Bag is easy to roll, bag and carry with heavy duty bag and carrying strap, perfect for easy transport on the TTC, walking, or riding your bike.

A thin, feather-light weight mat with ample cushion to protect the knees and provide comfort for your clients, ONLY 6 Lbs.

The carrying bag is equipped with extra space for linens and other accessories making it ideal for house calls.



  • 4×7 large mat
  • 4×1.5 small side mat
  • 3 straps
  • Carry bag with strap


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“After studying Thai Massage in Thailand, I was looking for advanced courses and found TMT online. I was eager to take courses with Deanna. She is very humble and compassionate, and has great energy. I enjoy being around her and Juan. He is a very good listener and has given me good advice for my practice. They are very supportive and demonstrate metta (loving kindness) to all of their students. I’m very grateful and happy for the opportunity to be part of TMT. I don’t know anyone who could have taught me as well as Deanna and Juan have.”

Nutjaree, Senior Thai Practicioner

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