Review Classes – Guided Practice

Review Classes – Guided Practice

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Review Classes (3 hours)

These sessions are designed to help students review material from classes previously attended, as well as expand their skills after initial training. Teachers work with students to guide them through a designated massage routine. This applies to all levels – from I through VI. During these hands-on sessions, students will review and practice through giving and receiving a massage from a fellow student. Monthly reviews are available.



Benefits of attending this class:

  • Practice your posture, transitions, tempo and massage flow
  • Practice in a group and work on different body types
  • Receive a Thai massage from other students
  • Feel more confident, stay healthy and pain-free by aquiring good posture and form
  • Network and cultivate relationships with students in training
Review Classes
Level I Oct 28 – supine Sun 1 – 5   $45
Level I Nov 4- side & Prone Sun 1 – 5   $45
Level II Nov 18 – sit & supine Sun 1 – 5   $45
Level II Nov 25 – side & prone Sun 1 – 5   $45
Level I Jan 13 – supine Sun 1 – 5   $45
Level I Jan20 – side & Prone Sun 1 – 5   $45

Private classes
1 hour or 1.5 hour guided routine
Guided routine $95 (plus GST) per hour
Book directly with teacher.

Re-Do a Course

A 50% discount is available for students who wish to retake a course as a “refresher” (if there is an empty space in the class) – this is a popular option for students who have been away from their practice for an extended time or who just want to solidify all the little details in a group setting.



“After studying Thai Massage in Thailand, I was looking for advanced courses and found TMT online. I was eager to take courses with Deanna. She is very humble and compassionate, and has great energy. I enjoy being around her and Juan. He is a very good listener and has given me good advice for my practice. They are very supportive and demonstrate metta (loving kindness) to all of their students. I’m very grateful and happy for the opportunity to be part of TMT. I don’t know anyone who could have taught me as well as Deanna and Juan have.”

Nutjaree, Senior Thai Practicioner

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