About Thai Massage


About Thai Massage

Thai Massage is an ancient and dynamic bodywork therapy in which the practitioner skillfully places the client into a series of yoga-like postures and stretches, while  applying compression techniques by palm, thumb, elbow or feet pressure linked via slow, mindful movement.  The massage is performed on comfortable floor mats.

There are many names for this ancient healing modality, including:  Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Medical Massage and Nuad Boran Thai Massage.  Sometimes described as “passive yoga”, Thai Massage blends three key healing modalities:  acupressure, yoga and meditation.  With its roots in Buddhism, the practice embraces the Four Divine States of Mind:  loving kindness, compassion, joy and balance.

Thai Massage has been taught and practiced in Thailand for over 2,500 years.  Jivaka Komarbhacca, an Ayurvedic doctor and renowned Yogi is the founding father.  His shared teachings with Buddhist monks came to be known as Traditional Thai Medical Massage or “Nuat Thai”.  In Thailand the practice is considered a vital and integral part of regular health maintenance practice.

Thai Massage is a very individual experience in the hands of a skilled practitioner, each session is customized and tailored to meet specific client needs, ranging from a  relaxing, passive, slow palm massage for stress reduction to energizing, deep work using elbows and knees to apply  stronger presses, accompanied by stretching, tractions and twists.  Slow and rhythmic, each posture flows easily into the next.  Mild, firm or strong touch techniques are applied to create a powerful, singular, healing experience.

Relaxing, energizing or deep work is expertly woven together in a specific sequence of postures, stretches and touch techniques.  Performed on a floor mat, clients wear loose and comfortable clothing.

The health and wellness benefits of Thai Massage are many.  By restoring the flow of energy through the body, it can increase flexibility, range of motion, athletic performance, mental clarity and energy levels.  Most clients immediately feel more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced.  The nervous system, blood flow and relaxation response are all stimulated while simultaneously relaxing the mind and body.

“After studying Thai Massage in Thailand, I was looking for advanced courses and found TMT online. I was eager to take courses with Deanna. She is very humble and compassionate, and has great energy. I enjoy being around her and Juan. He is a very good listener and has given me good advice for my practice. They are very supportive and demonstrate metta (loving kindness) to all of their students. I’m very grateful and happy for the opportunity to be part of TMT. I don’t know anyone who could have taught me as well as Deanna and Juan have.”

Nutjaree, Senior Thai Practicioner

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