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Thai Massage (Traditional Northern Style)

Thai Massage is an ancient and dynamic bodywork therapy in which the practitioner skillfully places the client into a series of yoga-like postures and stretches, while  applying compression techniques by palm, thumb, elbow or feet pressure linked via slow,  mindful movement.  The massage is performed on comfortable floor mats wearing loose, comfortable clothing that allows for movement.

Thai Massage is a very individual experience in the hands of a skilled practitioner, each session is customized and tailored to meet specific client needs, ranging from a  relaxing, passive, slow palm massage for stress reduction, to energizing, deep work using elbows and knees to apply  stronger presses accompanied by stretching, tractions and twists.  Slow and rhythmic, each posture flows easily into the next.  Mild, firm or strong touch techniques are applied to create a powerful, singular, healing experience.  A relaxing and rejuvenating form of passive yoga, Tai Chi and Eastern massage techniques combined.

Clients are taken through a full range of motion resulting in an increased sense of well-being and stress relief while stimulating the detoxification process by balancing meridians.  Sessions complement all body types and are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Thai Heat Massage / Hot Compress (Luk Pra Kob)

This form of Thai Massage blends the profound benefits of heat, aroma, herbs and compression.  Our hot compress ingredients include ginger, lemongrass, camphor, eucalyptus and Tiger balm.  This steaming, hot compress is pressed onto muscles and joints.   The heat penetrates the pores simulating blood flow, which results in rapid rebuilding and nourishment of body tissues.  The treatments are performed on floor mats with the client wearing loose, light cotton clothing.



The hot compresses commonly helps alleviate pain, stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, back-aches, arthritis, migraines, stress, anxiety and more.  Treatments provide a relaxing, invigorating and calming effect on the body and mind, soothing sore muscles and increasing energy flow.


An extremely effective healing treatment, Thai Style Foot Massage involves the application of pressure to particular areas of the feet.  This pressure in turn stimulates a reflex action in another part of the body by the manipulation of each specific area of the foot.  The flow of energy in the body is restored thus addressing the root cause of illness, pain and discomfort.
Thai Style Foot Massage has many beneficial and long-lasting effects. Some sessions are gentle and soothing in nature, while others are more focused and address specific complaints aiming to restore your body systems for better function. Foot Massage can be relaxing, soothing, calming, balancing and boosting the entire body.